Find A G rave got my granddaddy's information, which was illegal. His birth and death was private.

I have not gotten a headstone for him.

He is in a unmark grave. I want the information you have on him remove, or I will sue to have it removed.

Alachia Snow

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Customer Care.

Reason of review: The person who gave the informtion use to work a a heath department and got a death cerificate on my granddaddy, which was something that she knew, and got the information without permission of the family..

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: I do not want the information on Find a grave.

Find A Grave Pros: Being able to voice my grievance.

Find A Grave Cons: Grave is unmarked, Administration has a bad attitude.

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If you type Find A Grave Complaints, there are several people who are suggesting filing a class action as they are posting private graves owned by the families without their permission. And as with me, I proved my relationship to my father by sending them a photo of my birth certificate and telling them that I wanted his memorial permanently deleted.

Guess What? They totally ignored me.


Where is our gratitude when somebody goes to the trouble to add a memorial for someone who is neither kith nor kin? Did you even ask the contributor?

Did you ask but threaten to sue if he doesn't remove it? Is this not a public service we choose to assist in? Some of the contributor profiles are combative and nasty right out of the gate.

It seems that when some people know they'll never meet another member, they feel they can be rude and threatening. Pretty sad.


The right to privacy ends at death. His birth and death dates will be published by the Social Security administration.


That is really rude! Where does the respect for the dead start? I love FDG , but get a bit tired of the temperamental wimps on there.


It's rude of the United States government to publish data on the deceased? One of the reasons they (the government) does so is to prevent misuse of the deceased's information.

The OP is completely and utterly wrong that someone's birth and death dates are "private".

In addition, no one "owns" information about their family members, living or dead. Facts (names, dates, locations) cannot be owned because no one created them.

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