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When I joined 9 years ago, it was a simple site where people could find out where an ancestor was buried and even ask a volunteer to take a photo of the headstone if there wasn’t one. Now there are people who are emassing thousands of memorials, either because they are obsessed with collecting them or are control freaks who want control of them all.

Many have now started adding detailed information that is not proven. They don’t use proper genealogical practices and rely on unofficial sources such as obituaries. They are lift information off with no thought to its accuracy or giving the person credit. It’s like plagiarism gone amok.

Family members are horrified to find a stranger is managing their relative’s memorial. Some people will transfer it but many won’t. The people who collect thousands if memorial will just randomly keep suggesting edits in the hope that the owner will just transfer the memorial to them. Very few understand genealogy.

They read an old newspaper article and think that is proof. It is a total mess. I find it really sad.

A headstone and year of birth & death is adequate. If they want to do more they should open up their wallets and subscribe to, stop doing someone elses’s family tree and just worry about their own.

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I agree with this person totally. I would love to just have the memorials for my family to help other family members.

But, it's very hard to get cooperation from the people who claim the memorial. In fact, I have yet had one to transfer ownership!

i don't agree with the name this consumer gave himself. That is NOT professional!


Don't revise history. Nine years ago, people were also creating thousands and thousands of memorials.

The reasons they are doing so are as myriad as there are members. Some do it for genealogy. Some do it because they are taphophiles. Some do it to preserve history.

Some do it just because they like the format. None of those reasons are wrong. Nine years ago people were adding info from Ancestry without further verification. That hasn't changed at all.

There were also people who added unverified "family lore". They still do. Nine years ago, there were people who objected to "strangers" creating their family member's memorials. However, nine years ago, there were no transfers.

A headstone and years of birth and death ARE adequate. Nine years ago, Find A Grave didn't say "stick to your own family." They still don't because "family" isn't the purpose of Find A Grave.


I am so tired of self-proclaimed "geneaologists" showing up on FAG and getting on their high horse about contributors on FAG. Some of the contributors to FAG could run circles around these whiny "genealogists" when it comes to research.Don't like FAG? Don't use FAG.

to Whiner Slayer #1512718

You're just a jealous person! What you say is all complete nonsense!

If you can do the long tedious hours of research than get with it MAN!

And how would you know if these people there are all self proclaimed genealogists? Have you asked them personally?

to URAselfprocliamedDonkey #1513001

I agree, if coping people's PERSONAL newspaper obituarys, and confiscating photos from the newspaper be considered doing better work than what a genealogist does. I stick my finger down my throat and choke.

to OhPlease #1514331

Clueless. You base your comments on what some do so it fits your childish agenda of putting down FAG members. After you are done choking, get a nose adjustment so that you are not always looking down it.FAG does not need you and your ilk on its site.

to URAselfprocliamedDonkey #1514327

The old "tell someone they are jealous" response - when you have nothing of substance to add.I have yet to meet a person who complained about the research of others who did not view themselves as some sort of genealogy guru.Eever look at the trees on Ancestry? Ninety percent of them are the source of a headache, not any really factual info. Misinformation is regurgitated from tree to tree.It's not research, it is cut and paste crap.

to Whiner Slayer #1515741

Yep, you are definitely a jealous person! All you have done from one end of this PCon., is nag, and gripe at everyone! Maybe you should take a long break or perhaps leave F--g.

to GrumpyGrumbler #1517792

The *** who post on here and complain about Findagrave are pathetic. They cannot follow rules or read instructions.

to Whiner Slayer #1515743


to Whiner Slayer #1518863

Stop whining & get a grip!

to Whiner Slayer #1513942

Practice what U preach !

to SoggyDog #1514322

I do, sweetheart.

to Whiner Slayer #1555491

don't sweet heart me as It is pathetic !

to Whiner Slayer #1538419

They are tired of you too!

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