Full of errors; adding memorials to the wrong family. Admins giving memorials to friends and banning long-time contributors. Errors are copied to Ancestry.

Preferred solution: Website nees oversite. For starters, Mr. Marik and his admin friends should be banned..

Find A Grave Cons: Needs a better way to contact when there are errors.

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some long times who hangout there day after day are so miserable and cranky, and extremely pompous arrogant that they need to be banned. AND they need to seek some emotional help. FDAG is a great site.


The creeps have messed up a good portion of my Find A Grave website by adding people who are not related to my family. I spent years organizing and researching my data only to have idiots destroy everything.

Their secret is to pick on the parents to "get in the door" then you can't get rid of them unless you remove your legitimate parent.

It's a frustrating task especially when you have a lot of them and one person in particular used to give me information years ago. Something upstairs must have broken because it isn't working anymore.

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