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Well - I clicked on all the various options on the website: not even ONE worked. - I'm trying to let them know that the spelling of names of the ancestors I'm checking is incorrect - it is frustrating that even when clicking on what looks like a legit link leads to absolutely NOTHING!!!

Would appreciate any input/feedback. Hope to hear something - mistakes in documentation lead to changes in history - intentional or unintentional - so hope to rectify this one small part - my own family's information - asap. Thank you SOOOOO much for your help!!!

- WOW - something wrong here - usually criticized for too MANY words - this time - TOO FEW - a new adventure!!! - This should do it - again - hope to get a reply!

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Find A Grave Pros: Finding information in cemeteries.

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Block User would be nice.

Anyone who has been on findagrave for a while knows why.


Step 1. Join Find A Grave.

Step 2.

For each page, click Edit and look for the "any other correction" field.

Step 3.

In that field, submit your correction, and provide your source.

Step 4. Send.

Good luck!


Do you have a FindAGrave account?


Sometimes names are misspelled on gravestones. My own great grandmother has Harriet on her stone but her legal name was Hattie.

Another great grandmother has Margret (regular spelling is Margaret) on her stone but the back of her parents' stone lists all of their children's names and she is Maggie there.

Don't expect corrections if the stone has the wrong spelling.


Very true and sometimes a last name can be spelled three different ways going back to the 1800's on back in time. People often did not know how to spell and the person who was reordering names back then made many errors themselves.


The word is recording names.


I had somewhat the same problem. Ultimately I created a user profile and then emailed the miscreant who created the record without permission with the correct information. So far everyone I have contacted has been gracious enough to correct the record, and in some cases have me control of the record.

DCJ, Mesa, AZ


I also had the same problem.

It would be nice if we could BLOCK some of the no-all on FG website who are also old bitter busybodies! Some of us get tired of their ignoramus emails.


Yeah, I get tired of getting corrections for ignoramuses who cannot even spell.


No one needs "permission" to create a memorial.

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