I was unfairly and unjustly banned from Find A Grave (twice).

While I was never a prolific contributor to the site I did add the following famous names: illustrator Charles Addams, author Robert Benchley, actress Joan Marshall and spy Sidney Reilly.

Find A Grave often denied me credit due & refused to include photos to my submissions. Considering the amount of time & research I invested, to have Find A Grave repeatedly co-opt my work was frustrating. To make matters worse, several famous submissions of mine were denied for not being famous enough or having no grave listed. Interesting to note since Find A Grave routinely includes famous submissions from their preferred members without any grave listed. When I attempted to Include a photo of Joan Marshall to my submission of her It was denied because It was deemed inappropriate. The photo in question was one of actress Joan Marshall in her most noteworthy role as Phoebe Munster in the pilot episode the 1960's TV series The Munsters. So It was denied but shortly thereafter that very same photo was included by someone else, a preferred member.

When I attempted (in vain) to resolve instances like this with Find A Grave I grew frustrated and In protest I changed my member name to "not a top contributor". This got me banned for life although nowhere does it state in the rules about banning members. Recently I opened a new account but when they realized who it was they banned my new account as well. Unfair since with my new account I never caused the site problems.

Find A Grave has a snobfest going on and unless you're a preferred member with a zillion submissions, you're not Invited.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I absolutely agree with 'Unjustly Banned'. Find A Grave is a private website and they have every right to ban anyone as they see fit.

However it's a circle of snobs who rule the site they damage it's reputation by unreasonable banning, stealing the hard work of others, denying access to paid for memorials, allowing preferred members to post while deleting and taking credit for the work of others. I see it happening all time on Find A Grave, it's not right.

Find A Grave is owned and run by a small circle of conceited self-righteous, thin skinned, boorish and despicable people.

Really Jim Tipton, grow up and make Find A Grave respectable.


@Manchester, you are certainly "out of the loop" and showing your ignorance. Jim Tipton sold the site to Ancestry three years before you posted above telling him to grow up.


Same here, I am filing a lawsuit soon to have all my family removed from their site.


How's that lawsuit going?

I predict you were laughed at by every attorney you contacted.


Changing your name in protest sure did a lot of good. Did you also hold your breath until they fixed it?

Sorry, but anyone who was banned and then opened a new account deserves to be banned for life.

It's not your right to belong to ***; it is up to them.

Preferred members? I think they are better known as members who follow the rules and don't act out.


YOU were banned. Not your account.

Creating a new account doesn't change the fact that YOU personally were banned.

Famous memorials have to meet a specific set of criteria.

The bio has to be done like an encyclopedia entry. Did you have permission to post the photo of Joan Marshall or was it something you grabbed off the internet?

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