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I was notified that my childs gravesite was on findagrave. It is.

I nor any other member of my family ever gave permission for photos to be taken. These are close up photos taken from someone standing at the headstone. This is a church graveyard.

Ask for permission, people. You wouldnt get it.

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I have found it very helpful that people, volunteers no less, would take their time to go to a cemetery and take pictures of headstones there. This is genealogy people.

Maybe someone is looking for that person. Chill out.

to Hushed Mammoth #1581728

ONLY morbid people with warped minds hang around in cemeteries. You guys all need to seek some serious emotional help!

Chill out? The dead seem to do that just fine.


People really have no clue how this stuff works. No one needs to ask permission. Family or not, you do not get to tell others what they can and cannot do on property that does not belong to you.

to Anonymous #1581126

YA! people can do whatever they want.

BLAH BLAH BLAH! Who needs rules!

We are just another brick in the old graveyard! Leave those graves alone!


is the cemetery open for public visitation (anyone, regardless of relationship)? does it have a "no photographs" policy and signage so visitors know?

i think if the grave is viewable to the public, it can be photographed unless there is signage to make people aware of that rule. otherwise, how would they know?

to Thinking outloud #1578500

Perhaps the deceased would also like some respect for their graves.People need to show more empathy for each other. Somethings are sacred to our families.

to NativeAmericans #1580196

The graves are in a place where they can be seen by the public. If you want them private then put then on your own land where you can control the situation.

to Anonymous #1580898

WE are sick of tired of hateful people like you on this fg site, it really brings the site wayyyy down. I agree people need to show more empathy for other people and their that of their beloved dead.

YOU can take all the pictures you want of your own family graves and exploit them on your genealogy malarkey. Not everyone cares for yur fiasco, bad and morbid habits for trampling upon sacred graves!

God knows who you are and what you do! He also knows the hate that boils within your cold heart.

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