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I miss the option of strolling through the cementary. Reading so many stories that were amazing and stories that were heartfelt.

I though that find a grave was unique when I came across this option to help tell a story beyond a grave but that’s all gone now. The new changes have taken away a great option.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

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I agree, the Old Find a Grave site was much better, you could see a person's info on one page, scroll through a cemetery, etc. The new site is NOT mobile optimized.

I want the Old site back too. I


Why do the powers that be have to screw up everything that works so well. Put it back the way it was.

I can't even find those that I know are there. More info to add to the sites but can't even find them.

Stop messing around and get it back to the people who use the site. Mommy said not to say what I'm thinking right now soooooooooooo just put it back pleaseeeee!!!!


I think the new find a grave stink I love the old one it was better and easy to work with


Want the old site back.It was simple to add info. Also easier to find info and communicate with others who Love Cemeteries.


I agree! I really liked the old site.

It was perfect to give us a choice. We could use the old or new and now it doesn't even give us a choice.



It was just right. Upgrade somewhat, sure. But a complete overhaul (as many sites are wont to do) screws it up.

Takes away the original charm. Please return to original site ASAP !


ancestry destroys everything they touch


The old site was incredibly smart in its content set up. Was brilliantly displayed and simple to use.

I feel that Find a grave has made the same error that the powers that be at Coca Cola made by changing the recipe to their cola that was already perfect. So sad.


It's all gone to h-ll ! Please change back to old website!

PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sooner the better !

to groundhog #1397035

They aren't going back. Find the good things about the new site and learn to adjust.

to groundhog #1397087

I agree! Out with the new and back with the old. The new site is very bad news.

to groundhog #1524535

new site sucks .I cannot get in at all


Go to the Memorial Tab at the top. On the right side there is an 'honoring' section.

Below that there is a link to "Explore Featured Memorials". That is the same as the stroll you are talking about from the old site.

Apparently, I can't comment without more words, so I'm adding this to get to the limit.

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