I was kick off the Find A Grave Website after people stole my copyrighted photos. Ancestry.com will not put up with people stealing "any" copyrighted materials at all.

I can use the Find A Grave Website but I can not post anything on to it (corrections, flowers, comments and etc.). Not all of the materials on Find A Grave are completely correct. Don't believe all of the dates unless you see a headstone with the dates on it. The staff at Find A Grave will not respond to any of my question of why other people get away with stealing copyrighted materials and/or photos.

Some day, some where along the line, Find A Grave staff are going to get sued for excepting stolen copyrighted materials. I am putting out a Warning to the Staff of Find A Grave!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Find A Grave Cons: Unresponsive administrators, Poor staff.

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Don't know where you got the idea that "Ancestry.com will not put up with people stealing "any" copyrighted materials at all" because they (Ancestry and F.A.G.) do allow it. Just look at F.A.G.

rules that you can use any photo on F.A.G. on other "Ancestry community" sites.

It sounds like your account has been disabled, or made "Record Not Available". That usually means you repeatedly did something that isn't allowed.


Photos that were made before 1925 are available to everybody to copy. To have the copyright to these photos, you would have had to bought off the original photographer.

Handed down does not give you sole copyright.

It infuriates me that people want to hoard photo's on ancestry. I always share everything I have.


"Photos that were made before 1925 are available to everybody to copy" is not true. The cut off year is 1923 (for now) and the photos had to have been PUBLISHED for them to be public domain (available to everybody to copy).

Unpublished items are protected for 70 years after the death of the creator. The snapshot my grandmother took of her children in 1922 will be under copyright until 2049 because she died in 1979.


I'm writing a short story and want to include some "find a grave" postings.. Specifically, the obituary, picture of the marker, etc. I'm worried about copywrites....How can I find out about what is copywrited in a "find a grave" posting?


Facts (names, dates and locations) cannot be copyrighted so anyone can use them.Photos and original narratives are protected by copyright so always assume those are not available for copying without permission. Use the memorial's Edit tab to contact the memorial manager about the bio. Click on the photo contributor's name below the photo to contact them for permission to use their photo.


I had hundreds of my photos stolen off http://iowagravestones.org/ and posted on other people's family trees on Ancestry.com and on Find A Grave, if you keep sending the *** management emails they will delete the photos, I made the mistake of complaining directly to the person that stole it and posted it and I was kicked off for a long time, I had to beg to get back on.


That is awful! You had a right to complain about stolen photos.

I have had photos removed from my memorials for no given reason which also were copyrighted by me. Some very weird stuff going on there. Also, you need to stay away from the crybabies who cry about everything and everyone on there.

There are a lot neurotic members who whine and grumble about everything and everyone who they find that stands in their way....so disgusting! I get so tired of the mental-cases on there.


It would be nice if people in the flower department on this website didn't post all their complaints, grumbles, illnesses and woes on a public message board.........TOO MUCH DRAMA for a memorial website! Give the dead some respect PEOPLE and do see your DOCTOR!


I agree!!!!! It is TOTALLY DISGUSTING to read some of the sick drama there, from some of the emotionally sick people there, on a public profile page.


It amazes me how some people on this site will go cut and paste what some other contributor has written and then claim it as if they had written it. Some of the less educated knuckle-sculls show themselves to be extremely illiterate!

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