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Why? I looked and it says you can't.

I mean, most places let their users delete their accounts when they're tired of handing around the place.

Why is Find a Grave so special that they won't allow you to delete your account? Is it the REVENUE they receive or just plain weirdness on their part?

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Account.

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This kind of stooge is exactly how Ancestry and Find a Grave have *** Genealogists for decades now. I don't beg anyone to close my account.

I gave Find a Grave a notice to delete the account and all my memorials.

They closed the account and did not delete the memorials. It's time to take Ancestry to court once and for all and put the bastards out of business.


Did you ever read the terms of service?


Why would Anonymous do something like that? lmao


Hi. Actually, you can delete your account.

A friend of mine just did it. You send an email to asking to have your account deleted. It has to be sent from the email address you use to log in.

I do consider as well to delete my account. *** doesn't worth our time.

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