Recently I have many issues with ***.First the contributors hide behind their screen name and are in it for the numbers. The top 50! They should eliminate such rewards as we are talking about other peoples families!! The contributor will not get back to me or make...
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To the OP- I feel for you. I also agree with every single point you wrote about.

What a low down dirty shame that such greedy and grievous behavior and actions are not just tolerated- but are also encouraged and rewarded. SMH!

Their so called "rules" are seriously flawed. False, and/or unverified information from strangers should never be allowed for memorializing.

That greedy "contributor" is a real POS- shame on that grave robbing ghoul for not relinquishing a member of YOUR family; whom they SHOULDN'T have any claims on after a family member comes forward.

I think no matter how distant of a relative is down the line, should trump a stranger's claim anytime!

You have every reason to be disgusted and upset with *** for allowing this type of appalling disrespectful ownership of your relative's memorial.

Why would that hoarding ghoul have memorials for members of your family that are complete strangers to to them?! That is indeed "ghoulish" behavior.

The whole *** site needs to be held accountable for promoting such idiotic behavior these rabid "number cruncher's" amass!

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  • Finding information in cemeteries
  • Unresponsive administrators
  • Posting incorrect info
Reason of review
poor guidelines
I have been doing Genealogy for many years. I am against people like Andrew Daft and Ancestry.com wanting to charge for information. I believe that if you want to know about your family you should have that right. Andrew Daft feels that if someone posts a memorial and...
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Easy enough to accidentally make a duplicate memorial. The search engine was never designed to handle 116 million names.

I search 10 ways before and after adding a memorial and still get a few that were duplicates that didn't show up when I searched. Too many times search won't let me find a memorial I made.

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While there are a lot of things right about FindaGrave.com, there are also a lot of things wrong...to many to list here. But there are certain people who are literally ruining that site for everyone else. One of those is "MonkeyMom." MonkeyMom (#47515129)...
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Contributor 47515129 is an awful Find A Graver. Since she is a high numbers person Find A Grave allows her to get away with some disgraceful stuff Her inaccurate transcribing of online cemetery listings has really messed up the listings in my local counties. But Find A Grave does nothing to stop her blatant disregard of accuracy

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For those unhappy about finding photos of your family members memorial monuments and considering it infringement of your privacy: 1. When someone dies, they no longer have civil or legal rights 2. Find-A-Grave preserves history and does a wonderful service for those...
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The contributors are opening private family cemetary gates that are locked 24 / 7 and entering without permission. How dare you.

How *** dare you. I swear to god I'm going to sue each and every person for trespassing that I can lock onto using that website that have done so. Invasion of privacy, criminal trespassing, disturbing the dead, do any of these charges sound familiar? because they will soon enough.

The whole idea escapes me that a privately owned *** PRIVATE graveyard is being entered. How do you even find it? how? and then I see my grandmothers stone on the internet for your enjoyment?

this is recreation for you? you think you are researching geneology?

you are stealing information and distributing it across the internet. i'm thinking class action to shut you and everyone like you down.

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