Recently I have many issues with ***. First the contributors hide behind their screen name and are in it for the numbers. The top 50! They should eliminate such rewards as we are talking about other peoples families!! The contributor will not get back to me or make...
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To the OP- I feel for you. I also agree with every single point you wrote about.

What a low down dirty shame that such greedy and grievous behavior and actions are not just tolerated- but are also encouraged and rewarded. SMH!

Their so called "rules" are seriously flawed. False, and/or unverified information from strangers should never be allowed for memorializing.

That greedy "contributor" is a real POS- shame on that grave robbing ghoul for not relinquishing a member of YOUR family; whom they SHOULDN'T have any claims on after a family member comes forward.

I think no matter how distant of a relative is down the line, should trump a stranger's claim anytime!

You have every reason to be disgusted and upset with *** for allowing this type of appalling disrespectful ownership of your relative's memorial.

Why would that hoarding ghoul have memorials for members of your family that are complete strangers to to them?! That is indeed "ghoulish" behavior.

The whole *** site needs to be held accountable for promoting such idiotic behavior these rabid "number cruncher's" amass!

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