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I was trying to open a free FAG account and I mistakenly put the wrong email address. How can I correct this problem?

I did go in to reopen an new account but it is telling me to conform my account by email.

What do I do? Sad

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You will be automatically registered on our site. Username and password will be sent to you via email.
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You don’t have to confirm an email address if you don’t want to. If you used an incorrect email address to sign up, and the system sent you a message to confirm it but you don’t want to use it, then delete that email.

Because you have not responded, that account will not be opened associated with that email address, which should end your problem.

If you still want an account, sign up using the proper email address you want to use, and a new password for the account. Make sure to log out and try to log back in to see if it works.

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