Drexel, Missouri
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Searching on line for my grandfather's ancestors when I came upon the find a grave site. Went to it and listed as my grandfather's parents were the wrong people.

He was raised by his grandmother because his parents died very early in his life. The people mentioned as his parents were alive in the 1940's when his parents died in the 1910's. They share the same last name and whoever took the picture and submitted the information made a huge and wrong connection. This person should have checked with the family alive in the locality, our family would have set them straight.

There is no way to correct this information without becoming a member of the registry. REALLY You could throw off a search for someone else. CARELESS!!!

If you want to be a credible site, CHECK YOUR INFORMATION! I won't ever trust this site again!!!!!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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The person who added the memorial might not have added the links. Anyone can submit links and some managers think all suggestions should be accepted. If you're a member, submit the correct info.


This site is free and the info is only as good as the folks who put it there! If you are so concerned, then join and use edit button to correct it!

The site now belongs to Ancestry and they are very involved with it!

If the memorial creator does not correct *** will do it after 20 days. It is much easier than you are implying!


Yes, you must be a member to submit a correction (thank goodness. It's free so why not join?

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