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I have a BIG question to ask. My direct line to me of members buried here.

Member of Find-A-Grave, has taken so many pictures of their stone's and will not transfer them to me. I have some of my own recorded before she posted the ones I did not yet record. She was at another cemetery, And posted an ugly, ugly marker on my mother's page I created for her. I am very frustrated with this person beyond myself.

Cannot leave a message on her page, only by editing, which was August 6, 2018. However, she sent me one asking to correct a date two weeks later. Though my e-mail. Well, folks what do you have any idea's.


Am not into numbers, She has over 11,000 in a year in half times. That is fine.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: TRanfer memorials.

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So you know they are a reason why its not been transfered. Lost the memorial now tried to get it under another name right or not.


When you here someone say fag will not transfer someone mother you know that's a crock of ----U have got to be the one with 4 accounts You got what you been giving your big bear is not able to reinstate all your accounts So Live to make another account

to DocAccounts #1559126

Some of the flower nuts there have as many as 6 to 7 accounts I have heard and just another way to add more silly flowers to their family memorials for Huge Numbers, and also is a good way for them to harass members they feel might threaten their flower numbers. These quacks are very devious, love to gossip and cause problems!

to Nerds #1561001

They do not have family who likes to hangout with them. They are feeble minded, eccentric and very bored. The dead is much more exciting for these wanna be corpses!

to Nerds #1576225

Too much drama there.


What kind of comment is that? Transfer guidelines..????

the memorial is of this persons mother! For god sakes! Why hasnt this memorial been transfered to them???

This website is so disheartening!! There us no respect or concern for family members of the deceased!!

to Anna #1555536

Family or not, there are rules in place for requesting transfers. People who do not follow them have no right to complain.

to Anonymous #1556357

Do you have pool rules, cat and dog rules and what not rules?

to Anonymous #1564121

Thank You you are so right

to Anonymous #1564674

Are you one of those women who wears a ball cap and talks in a low deep voice to get the point and rules across to everyone?

to Anonymous #1570698

There should be rules for trespassing ! When you walk on property that people have purchased for their deceased you are trespassing!!!!!.........!

Who do you people think you are anyway................." Gods gift to the earth???? NOT HARDLY!


to Anna #1556979

Ok did you make a account in your 90 year old mother' name. You lost your grandmother grave after your account was shut down ,then you created a account got a transfer of the graves then that account was shut down, now your back to using your mother account asking for a transfer of her her mother your grandmother becaues you are found out my dear ! Findagrave knows who you are and know what you did .Your helping help -------- has been stoped for doing your dirty work No respect or concern You are and have been turn in so many times .Put you real name so we can see if what your saying is true

to Kimmy #1557517

You sound like one of those old grumpy bags who hangout there every day leaving flowers for the same dead people, and for each others 13 memorials more or less..... You folks love your GREAT BIG show-off flower numbers like it makes you so popular or something ROLFloor- laughing!

You sad old hags need to get busy and make some memorials! That's what the site is all about!

to NerdsxoxoxoxoBLAH #1558613

who is laughing make another DOC

to NerdsxoxoxoxoBLAH #1570065

What is even funnier with these nut cases is that they all back bite each other and then go back and leave a flower and telling the same people that they hate........... i love you, and you are my friend forever.

to Anna #1558619

If someone doesn't have their mother its because they must have lost it right or the daughter lost it .Then they have ask for it under another name right . bm doc

to Anna #1558632

findagrave does not keep someones mother from a child .If that is so They are more to it than whats being told. If some one is the true Child it would be transfered to them not to a fake account. ask katrina unless its one fake account .bm doc

to Anna #1564116

Did she ever have it, was it taken away That might be why its not been gave back not that it wasn't ever transferred to start with . why are you so upset unless you are the one that wants it


Do you understand the transfer guidelines?

to DareGreatly #1563101

Well, DUH!

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